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Simulations for Instructor Led Training

WebEx has taken the simulation and married it to instructor-led training. The Problem: Previous problems resulted in only one or few learners experiencing practical exercises. The Solution: Host a simulation on a website and use “Share Web Content” feature for all users to interact with inside the web conferencing software. When designing these simulations, consider…

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Cell Casting

Cell phones have become an essential piece of equipment to most people. mLearning is many things to many people, though. Pure Learning (questionable) Data Collection (probable) Performance Support (probable) Reinforcement (probable) Reference (likely) Possibilities (decreasing down the list in complexity and cost): Rich Media (Flash lite, Pod/Vodcasts & streaming video)* Courseware (learning + interactive assessments)^…

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Wal*Mart University

Initial thought: The Wal*Mart cheer is quite scary. As a former Wal*Mart employee I laughed. As the daughter of a current Wal*Mart employee, I feel sorry for my mother. I’m sure she’s a really nice person, but she comes across as the “crazy cat lady” who’s living in a different reality from the rest of…

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