Well, I found out the hard way that the wireless connection at Moody Gardens, in a word, sucks. I thought I might try and blog the conference a la IIL07. Instead, I’ve managed to all but drain my Blackberry battery tweeting my way through TxDLA08. Until now, I managed to avoid even signing up for a Twitter account. Alas, I have given in to the evil. So, if interested, pop over to http://www.twitter.com/ebloomsie for my random thoughts and comments about the conference. I promise to dress up my page soon.
Thus far, I’ve encountered one presenter’s dissertation, moderated a session for a colleague, gotten frustrated at how education (primary/secondary/higher)-centered the conference is, possibly found another mini-conference at which I could present, and now I’m about to look at a “new ID model for distance education.” Meh, my interest hasn’t waned too much given that it’s almost the end of the day.