Cell phones have become an essential piece of equipment to most people. mLearning is many things to many people, though.

  • Pure Learning (questionable)
  • Data Collection (probable)
  • Performance Support (probable)
  • Reinforcement (probable)
  • Reference (likely)

Possibilities (decreasing down the list in complexity and cost):

  • Rich Media (Flash lite, Pod/Vodcasts & streaming video)*
  • Courseware (learning + interactive assessments)^
  • Resources (reference materials and collaboration)
  • AudioCasts (story-based learning)
  • SMS/MMS (iterative learning & reinforcement)
  • Notifications (messaging, reminders)

* Requires Premium SmartPhone
^ Requires Standard SmartPone
All others require a standard cell phone

Unfortunately, most learning management systems do not yet have the capability to launch and track mLearning.

CellCasts are

  • easy to create
  • easy to distribute
  • easy to access
  • easy to track
  • easy to localize
  • easy to personalize

Try a CellCast
http://www.mlearning.com >> Create Your Own Account

Approximate cost is ~$2/month.

Watching another attendee (Leah) use the software to create a simple CellCast did indeed show it to be a simple process. It’s not something I see us deploying from a marketing or customer standpoint. However, I could see our HR training director looking at this for internal training.