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How far have we really come?

Go ahead. Choose your excuse now. It’s because of COVID. Humans forgot how to behave in public. FALSE. It’s because “they” suffered an injury and don’t know any better. FALSE. I reject your excuse. End of story. Stop the excuses. Years ago, a senior member of my professional association made me feel uncomfortable. I was…

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Google for Education Certified Innovators

Google for Education announced yesterday that the former Google Certified Teacher program is now called Google for Education Certified Innovators. With this name change comes a complete overhaul of the training and certifications available to educators. Perhaps most telling in the announcement is the first line of the message: Technology can help transform education, but only as…

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Bringing the maker movement to your classroom


I strongly believe in the power of application. When we can connect theory to practice, the possibilities are endless. Coming from an Agricultural Education background, the concept of “making” seems naturally inherent when I look at the education landscape. So, it should be no surprise that I’ve set out to bring making to K12 and…

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What is in a Rubric?

It would seem that yesterday’s Chronicle post on The Rise of the Helicopter Teacher has revealed a pervasive divide among academics. On one side, you have the author and those who agree vehemently that teachers and educators have succumbed to the coddling and hand-holding that has bred a generation of entitled underachievers. On the other, we…

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My First T&P Experience

When you’re a graduate student, the concept of tenure and promotion (T&P) seems so incredibly foreign. It’s something that your professors have to deal with, but is shielded from you. If you read academic news outlets, such as Inside Higher Ed, you’ll occasionally see notices of universities who’ve granted tenure and the faculty members to…

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