Here it is day three of TxDLA2008. The conference has been interesting, at least. I don’t think I’ll walk away with anything groundbreaking, but I have made some connections to help further market our eLearning efforts as well as confirm that we’re on the right path. Somewhere around here, my boss has been in and out of sessions as well as two other ladies from my agency. We have our regular committee meeting tomorrow. So, I have scheduled a topic on the agenda for us all to share our experience.
In the meantime, color me Twitter-pated. I have enjoyed using Twitter to micro-blog my way through the conference. I do think that I prefer my conference blogging experience at IIL07 where I was able to summarize each session and reflect on how I/we could implement the subject. Still, I think that Twitter has a place. I also think that it’s likely more enjoyable when interacting with others.
I did have a personal epiphany yesterday…I’ve been mulling over how to capture all of my mother-in-law’s wonderful recipes as well as new ones from both my sisters-in-law and even my own family’s recipes (best venison jerky ever!). I think I’ve settled on using PBWiki to do this. We’ll see how that works out (and if successful, then I’ll share the link…and our recipes!).
So then, here’s to a good final day and safe trip home…