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Create a System; Follow It

So, the title of this post comes directly from an article in yesterday’s Chronicle of Higher Education. As a post-secondary educator, I find that I definitely need to cultivate my news from a variety of sources. So, I appreciate the Weekly Brief that pops up in my inbox every Monday morning. As the curator of…

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Personal Victories

It has been a very trying summer. I’ve had multiple setbacks on my dissertation, some my fault and some beyond my control (thank goodness I’ve been well ahead of schedule until now). My husband had to have two surgeries three months apart. And in late July, I had to say goodbye to one of my…

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Reflections on Year 3

Year 3

Another year of graduate school has come and gone. Here I stand at the end of year three. A number of my friends (and former classmates) managed to graduate at this point and it seemed like a trend to make our program at the University of Georgia a 3-year program instead of the traditional 4…

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Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome…that feeling of being underqualified that pretty much every graduate student feels at one point or another in their career. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, how much praise you receive, or how satisfied you are with your work. You still have that lingering feeling that you don’t belong in the big leagues with…

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Two years and seven months ago, I started on an adventure that would bring new friends into my life and take me on new journeys, both physical and mental. To say that it’s been easy would be a lie. But I have been blessed. These blessings have come by way of phenomenal faculty who mentor…

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The dream shall never die

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Having a graduate assistantship at The Graduate School definitely has its advantages. Sure it takes me away from my department quite a bit, but there are benefits and opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Take for instance my first spring here. My boss mentioned in passing that I was invited to a lunch with…

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Visual Learning: Pinterest

According to my oldest pin on Pinterest, I’ve been part of the social phenomenon for about 30 weeks. As I was walking through downtown Athens this weekend, I overheard a conversation where a woman said to her niece that she had “finally checked out that website [she] told her about…you know, the one that started…

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