cloud computingResearchers from the University of Wyoming are requesting your participation in a study that deals with cloud/web-based technology use with children under the age of 13. As part of the study, the researchers have developed a survey and training module to assess community perceptions of responsibilities and awareness of federal laws. We hope to use this information to develop better instruction for practicing and pre-service teachers who integrate technology into their classrooms.

The link below will take you to an online survey and training module that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete:

The study is completely anonymous and collects no personal information other than your role (teacher, parent, administrator, etc.) with an elementary school. The Informed Consent Notice is below.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Tamara Meredith at [email protected] or Tonia Dousay, Ph.D. at [email protected]. Please feel free to forward this request to anyone you think might be interested.

CC Informed Consent