For whatever reason, something possessed me a few weeks ago. When asked by a friend and neighbor if I was interested in picking up two Business Communications courses for her, I jumped on the opportunity. Apparently my regular job, part-time gig teaching pilates at Aerofit, and monthly happy hour planning weren’t enough. So, here begins a new chapter where it would seem many parts of my professional career will merge. I have the opportunity to incorporate a teensy bit of eLearning in to my course. It shall be an interesting challenge. Now if only someone could have realized that requiring LMS training prior to allowing access isn’t a bad idea…if they schedule the training to run concurrently at any time or at least before the beginning of the semester. It doesn’t do me any good to hope to use the eCampus when it will be three weeks in to the semester before I can actually use it. Of course, there is irony in my having to take the training; I do manage an LMS afterall….