From lily pads to mouse pads: The legacy of James Burnham Bossidy

As I sit in traffic, waiting for the light to change, the numbness of the day washes over me and I begin to cry, again. The standard questio [...]

A Lesson in Life, Love, & Humility

The past nine months have brought about a great change in my life, and I’d like to think a great lesson in life, love, and humility. T [...]

Wyoming House Bill 233 (2017)

As an assistant professor of instructional technology at the University of Wyoming, Wyoming House Bill 233 directly impacts me and my stude [...]

Research Help Requested from PK8 Teachers, Parents, Admin, & Staff

Researchers from the University of Wyoming are requesting your participation in a study that deals with cloud/web-based technology use with [...]

Google for Education Certified Innovators

Google for Education announced yesterday that the former Google Certified Teacher program is now called Google for Education Certified Inno [...]

National Maker Faire

Life is full of firsts. We celebrate when children speak their first words and take their first steps. The first day of school, regardless [...]

Bringing the maker movement to your classroom

I strongly believe in the power of application. When we can connect theory to practice, the possibilities are endless. Coming from an Agricu [...]

Tonia Goes to the Google Teacher Academy

About a month and a half ago, I posted about my goal to become a Google Certified Teacher and being accepted to the #GTAATX cohort. Now I si [...]

Confessions of a Conference Planner

You know that conference you go to every year? That one that you look forward to all year long, whether you’re presenting or not. It&# [...]
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