Tonia Goes to the Google Teacher Academy

About a month and a half ago, I posted about my goal to become a Google Certified Teacher and being accepted to the #GTAATX cohort. Now I si [...]

Confessions of a Conference Planner

You know that conference you go to every year? That one that you look forward to all year long, whether you’re presenting or not. It&# [...]

Students’ Use of Digital Storytelling to Enhance Media Literacy Skills: Implications for Best Practices in Postsecondary...

I always love presenting at AECT, and this year is no different. The view does change when you’re the convention planner, but it was m [...]

Google Certified Teacher

A little more than 12 hours ago, I received the email that I swore to myself wasn’t going to be a big deal one way or the other. You s [...]

What is in a Rubric?

It would seem that yesterday’s Chronicle post on The Rise of the Helicopter Teacher has revealed a pervasive divide among academics. [...]

My First T&P Experience

When you’re a graduate student, the concept of tenure and promotion (T&P) seems so incredibly foreign. It’s something that y [...]

Making the Annual AECT Convention Affordable

AECT is one of the premier organizations in the field of instructional technology. As a professional organization, membership and active par [...]

It’s kind of like that…

Earlier this week, I read an article from The Chronicle titled, “Running the Zombie Marathon.” Of course it was the title that d [...]

The Rewards of Teaching

When you accept the responsibility to be a teacher, there’s so much more that comes with that role than many realize. From the daily o [...]
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