Many, many thanks to Joy Hall Bryant and all of those responsible for making the 2009 State of Texas DIR eLearning Forum a wonderful experience! It was certainly an excellent day to step back and look at the possibilities as well as what state agencies are doing in the eLearning world. I know that personally I made a number of new contacts and learned about some awesome activity going on across the state.

I was also honored to present the first session of the day over eLearning trends and tools. For those who missed the presentation or would just like to see it again, I’ve added it here. I must give credit to Dr. Mark David Milliron¬†for the trends table I saw in one of his own presentations as well as inspiration for structuring the presentation. Be sure to visit SlideShare directly to see my notes and sources.

eLearning in the 21st Century

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  1. Would you mind if I put this on the E-Learning Council website?

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