We’re eight years in to the 21st century and we’re still asking what eLearning in the 21st century is/will be. Is it because we’re an ADD society with a short attention span? Or are we still trying to disseminate answers to the rest of the masses? Or is it because we never really answered the question in the first place? Whatever the answer, eLearning in the 21st century is my topic for the State of Texas DIR E-Learning Forum in Feburary.

On one hand, I can pull from across the spectrum of videos and blogs to illustrate what the masses see. On the other, I can rely upon the industry books and speakers I’ve encountered. Of course, I could blend between the two. What I really want to do, though, is use the session to empower those who will be attending the forum. My task, since I’ve chosen to accept it, is to strike a balance between showing and telling. Wait, maybe I can bring my mom’s old Brothers word processor I used for Show & Tell when I was 10. I might be on to something here…

How do I see eLearning in the 21st Century?

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