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Wordle: A Self Portrait

I must credit Lisa Abate for this fabulous idea, but I was inspired to create a Wordle using my resume. It’s fairly common knowledge t [...]


I first heard about WorldCat at a conference last Spring. I can’t recall if it was at TAMUS’ Teaching with Technology or TxDLA&# [...]

Free Web-Based Tools

While attending TxDLA 2008 last week, one of the better sessions was a review of various free, web-based tools. It was pitched as a “N [...]

The Best Things in Life are Free

Hey if ‘ol blue eyes sang it, it must be true, right? He must’ve been on to something. The folks over at Adobe announced yesterd [...]

Learning Gets a Second Life

The Digital Native – 12.5h/week playing games and only 9.8h/week watching television. As the gaming levels off, 66% of trendsetters ha [...]

Simulations for Instructor Led Training

WebEx has taken the simulation and married it to instructor-led training. The Problem: Previous problems resulted in only one or few learner [...]

Cell Casting

Cell phones have become an essential piece of equipment to most people. mLearning is many things to many people, though. Pure Learning (ques [...]
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