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And now for something completely different

We learn by curiosity. We learn by being inquisitive. We learn by working with other people. We learn through experimentation. Through much [...]

Learning Gets a Second Life

The Digital Native – 12.5h/week playing games and only 9.8h/week watching television. As the gaming levels off, 66% of trendsetters ha [...]

Simulations for Instructor Led Training

WebEx has taken the simulation and married it to instructor-led training. The Problem: Previous problems resulted in only one or few learner [...]

Cell Casting

Cell phones have become an essential piece of equipment to most people. mLearning is many things to many people, though. Pure Learning (ques [...]

Wal*Mart University

Initial thought: The Wal*Mart cheer is quite scary. As a former Wal*Mart employee I laughed. As the daughter of a current Wal*Mart employee, [...]

Changing the Way We Design Courses

Roger Mundel is with udutu. The presentation is online. Trends Are you leading or following? Where is learning headed? Will “eLearing [...]

Everything You Know About Simulations is Wrong

Rich Mesch, Phil Sueper, and Phil Charron are with Performance Development Group (based in Philadelphia). They all contribute to the Learni [...]

Attendee Comments

During lunch, I had the opportunity to visit with a number of other attendees. Between those conversations and the few I had yesterday eveni [...]

Rapid Development using Open Source Technology

Reuben is with edCetra Training out of Toronto. All too often, we find ourselves attempting to manipulate files from proprietary vendors. Ra [...]
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