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National Maker Faire

Life is full of firsts. We celebrate when children speak their first words and take their first steps. The first day of school, regardless [...]

Bringing the maker movement to your classroom

I strongly believe in the power of application. When we can connect theory to practice, the possibilities are endless. Coming from an Agricu [...]

Confessions of a Conference Planner

You know that conference you go to every year? That one that you look forward to all year long, whether you’re presenting or not. It&# [...]

Students’ Use of Digital Storytelling to Enhance Media Literacy Skills: Implications for Best Practices in Postsecondary...

I always love presenting at AECT, and this year is no different. The view does change when you’re the convention planner, but it was m [...]

Making the Annual AECT Convention Affordable

AECT is one of the premier organizations in the field of instructional technology. As a professional organization, membership and active par [...]

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome…that feeling of being underqualified that pretty much every graduate student feels at one point or another in their [...]

[DDR 2011] Final Proceedings

Received word this morning that the final proceedings for DDR2011 are available on the conference website. Gotta admit it’s kind of co [...]

Free for the Asking!

This list is courtesy of Mike Sullivan, Training Specialist with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Mike compiled these resource [...]

eLearning Interactivity: Finding the Middle Ground

On Friday, Feb 13, it was amazing to see the turn out of various state agencies across Texas. Whether you’re a full-time training orga [...]
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